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Rainforest Collection

Rainforest Collection, by Kameleon

These fabulous pieces are inspired by the abundant foliage of the rainforest.

Leaves and vines in brilliant sterling silver will capture your imagination while adding opulence and adventure to your Kameleon Collection!

Click the images for full details and enlarged images.

Rainforest Earrings (KE106)

Rainforest Earrings (KE106) $89.00

Rainforest bracelet (KBR103)

Rainforest bracelet (KBR103) $139.00

Rainforest ring (KR105)

Rainforest ring (KR105) $129.00

Lush green and brilliant fuchsia inspire the vibrant palette of the Rainforest Collection

Exotica JewelPop (KJP1032)

Exotica JewelPop (KJP1032) $59.00

Lush Orchid (KJP1033)

Lush Orchid (KJP1033) $45.00

In the Tropics (KJP1034)

In the Tropics (KJP1034) $45.00

Gotta Kiss a Few (KJP1035)

Gotta Kiss a Few (KJP1035) $45.00

Amazon Wonder (KJPS105)

Amazon Wonder (KJPS105) $25.00

Rainforest Kollector’s Series

Channel your inner Cleopatra with these ASPirational Kollector Series pieces.

Available only for a limited time and in limited quantities.


Snake Charmer Bracelet (KBR104) $165.00

Slithering Ring (KR106)

Slithering Ring (KR106) $99.00

Gilded Serpent JewelPop (KJP1036)

Gilded Serpent JewelPop (KJP1036) $59.00

Snakeskin Spirit (KJP1037)

Snakeskin Spirit (KJP1037) ($39.00)