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Earth Goddess JewelPop (KJP082)





From the Wildflower Collection Spring 2016

Earth Goddess JewelPop (KJP082)

Unlock your inner goddess with this beautiful Earth Goddess JewelPop (KJP082), featuring a natural larimar stone. Each stone is hand cut and unique; no two Earth Goddess JewelPops are exactly the same.
Material: Sterling silver, Larimar

JewelPops are

at the heart of the fun of collecting Kameleon --- over 500 different JewelPop centers!

Change is Natural! With a gentle push of the JewelCap tool provided with your setting, you can easily change the look of your jewellery by popping out one JewelPop and popping in another. Precision casting and patented rubber seal technology ensures that JewelPops only come out of the setting with direct pressure to the back of the Pop and can never fall out by accident.

With 7 price points ranging from $20 to $55 each, JewelPops are made from materials such as natural gemstones, cubic zirconias, Swarovski crystals and pearls, lab opals, Murano and dichroic glass, catseye, silver and enamel. Each with its own whimsical name, there truly is something for everyone. Seasonal Special Edition JewelPops make each holiday memorable. Billions of combinations are possible – discover your personal favourites!

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