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Northern Star Collection

Exhilarating, brisk and absolutely breath-taking, like the northern sky on a clear winter night. Fall in love with the cool blues and dazzling crystals of the Northern Star Limited Edition Collection.

Available only for the 2017 Holiday Season. Click image for full details and larger view.

Northern Star Earrings (KE107)

Northern Star Earrings (KE107) $99

Northern Star Bracelet (KBR105)

Northern Star Bracelet (KBR105) $99

Northern Star Ring (KR107)

Northern Star Ring (KR107) $89

Frostbite JewelPop (KJP1038)

Frostbite JewelPop (KJP1038) $45

Glacier Blue JewelPop (KJP1039)

Glacier Blue JewelPop (KJP1039) $45

Moonlit Tundra JewelPop (KJP1040)

Moonlit Tundra JewelPop (KJP1040) $39

Wintertide JewelPop (KJP1041)

Wintertide JewelPop (KJP1041) $49

Arctic Breeze PopRock (KJPS106)

Arctic Breeze PopRock (KJPS106) $25

Expected in-store arrival date – October 3 2017.

Pre-order yours to guarantee availability now! Call 613-594-4836 or drop us a line at