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About Kameleon


Kameleon is such an exceptional jewellery system that we have created customized “PopShops” inside our Ottawa shop. The name ‘PopShop’ comes from the word ‘JewelPop’, the very core component of the Kameleon line. JewelPops are the interchangeable centers specially designed to pop into the entire spectrum of silver settings and accessories. Our ‘PopShop’ carries the Kameleon collection, along with hundreds of other unique products.

This clever Canadian invention allows you to select the silver setting of your choice, then customize it to your own taste with any of over 500 gorgeous JewelPops. Changing the look of your jewellery is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

We pride ourselves in creating an unrivalled shopping experience for each of our Kameleon collectors and the wonderful folks who shop for them! Pop in to our ByWard Market location and when you step up to the PopShop counter, we will show you why collecting Kameleon is so much fun!

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We offer 2 ways to save as you collect:

Get a stamp on your Loyalty Card for each JewelPop you buy. Collect 10 stamps and redeem your card for a FREE JewelPop in the white, blue or yellow price range. Watch for Double Stamp Opportunities!

PopPoints Program. Earn a point for each silver setting and JewelPop you buy. Sign up for our newsletter on the home page to be informed about special PopPoint Events! Points are redeemable with any Kameleon purchase.

We also provide a free Profile service that helps you keep track of all of your settings and JewelPops. It gives you space for a wishlist, allowing others to shop for you and even maintains a list of Kameleon you have given as gifts to others!


Sterling Silver Settings

Kameleon jewellery settings include carefully crafted sterling silver rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. The additional accessories include customized jewellery boxes and JewelPop cases, watches, sunglasses, belt buckles and charms. This is a continuously growing collection with four New Product introductions per year, so it’s always fresh and exciting!

We carry the full selection of exquisite settings and rings in sizes 5 through 10. The styles of the settings vary from small and simple to big and bold. Whether you prefer clean smooth lines, intricate filigree or an antiqued silver look, there is something in the collection to suit your taste. Silver combines with subtle mother of pearl, sparkling cubic zirconias and gleaming enamel to create an array of jewellery for every occasion.



Change is Natural! With a gentle push of the JewelCap tool provided with your setting, you can easily change the look of your jewellery by popping out one JewelPop and popping in another. Precision casting and patented rubber seal technology ensures that JewelPops only come out of the setting with direct pressure to the back of the Pop and can never fall out by accident.

At the heart of the fun of collecting Kameleon — over 500 different JewelPop centers!

With 7 price points ranging from $25 to $65 each, JewelPops are made from materials such as natural gemstones, cubic zirconias, Swarovski crystals and pearls, lab opals, Murano and dichroic glass, catseye, silver and enamel. Each with its own whimsical name, there truly is something for everyone. Seasonal Special Edition JewelPops make each holiday memorable. Billions of combinations are possible – discover your personal favourites!


Shop Online

As Authorized Kameleon Dealers, we are proud to provide you with a secure online shopping environment to browse and purchase Kameleon right here on our website. Launched February 1, 2013, our website expanded to accommodate everyone’s love of this fabulous product. We are really excited that now you can browse and shop for everything that Kameleon has to offer from the comfort of your home or office. Every item is just a click away! Simply click on the name of either of our shops from the home page and select ‘Buy Kameleon Online’ from the drop-down box.