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  • Northern Star Collection

    Exhilarating, brisk and absolutely breath-taking, like the northern sky on a clear winter night. Fall in love with the cool blues and dazzling crystals of the Northern Star Limited Edition Collection. Available only for the 2017 Holiday Season. Click image for full details and larger view. Expected in-store arrival date – October 3 2017. Pre-order […]

  • Northern Star Gift Set

    The Northern Star Gift Set is guaranteed to put stars in your eyes! This Limited Edition Set is a must-have for serious collectors and a quick, easy gift for anyone who loves jewelry! The gift set comes packaged in a special Northern Sky themed gift box. The presentation is beautiful, the product is stunning and […]

  • Rainforest Collection

    Rainforest Collection, by Kameleon These fabulous pieces are inspired by the abundant foliage of the rainforest. Leaves and vines in brilliant sterling silver will capture your imagination while adding opulence and adventure to your Kameleon Collection! Click the images for full details and enlarged images. Lush green and brilliant fuchsia inspire the vibrant palette of […]

  • Eclipse Collection

    This summer, a rare solar event will unfold. On August 21 2017, for the first time since 1979, North America will have a perfect view of a Total Solar Eclipse. Fabulous new pieces from Kameleon allow you to memorialize the occasion beautifully with a Kollector’s Series (meaning limited edition) — the Eclipse Collection. The stellar […]

  • Urban Safari Collection by Kameleon

    Urban Safari Collection by Kameleon

    A distant drum beat, the heat of the sun on the savanna, the rumble of stampeding wildlife; it’s all calling to you. An exotic getaway doesn’t always mean a vacation – you can make every day your own Urban Safari! Be free, be fierce, be YOU and blaze your own trail! We all have a […]

  • 10 Ways We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Kameleon

    Kameleon is 10 Years Old! April is Kameleon Appreciation Month – here are 10 ways we’re celebrating: 1. We kick off our birthday celebrations at the National Women’s Show, April 8th and 9th at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. Why Shop the Show? It’s like there’s NO TAX! All Kameleon purchases at the Show qualify […]

  • Kameleon Legends Collection

    Quichua will be ordering these items based on pre-orders and popular demand only! Receive an instant points top-up when you place your pre-order by phone at 613-594-4836, by email to, or in person at either of our downtown locations, before February 21.

  • Sweet Embrace - Valentine's Day Pendant Offer

    Sweet Embrace – Valentine’s Day Pendant Offer

    ‘Love’-ly News! We have a sweet collection of pretty offerings to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day! They’re perfect for Spring too! Sorry – SOLD OUT!The limited edition Sweet Embrace pendant (shown above) will make a perfect Valentines gift for someone special (like you!). Included in the set is an 18″-19.5″ sterling silver […]

  • Flights of Fancy Collection

    Flights of Fancy Collection

    Let your imagination soar on a flight of fancy with all the feathery flair you’ve been searching for, new for January 2017. Click the images for a full description. A New Pendant, Earrings and Ring Five New JewelPops A new concept from Kameleon – the Kollectors Series These unique treasures will be available only for […]

  • PopSwap! Gently Used Kameleon Sale

    PopSwap! Gently Used Kameleon Sale

    ‘Previously-Loved’ Kameleon JewelPops and Settings, because Change is Natural! These trade-ins are priced at 40% off the regular price. The entire selection is in extremely good, like-new condition, a testament to the outstanding quality of the Kameleon brand. All items have been cleaned and polished and o-rings replaced. ‘PopSwap! Gently Used Kameleon Sale’ is an […]